Welcome to Our Village!

Hello, my name is Sebastian and that’s me as a young lad! Welcome to my blog. I’ve been playing video games for practically my entire life and figured it was about time to combine my passion for vidja and writing, and so here we are!

On Epic Vidja, you will find the latest news on upcoming releases that I follow with great interest and in the future reviews to follow up. My favorite types on games include RPGs, FPSs, and Strategy, though I’ve dabbled in many different genres and fallen in love. When it comes to genre, I am virtually unprejudiced, though I do believe there’s a common thread in the kinds of games I enjoy, most notably vast, immersive worlds that I can get lost in for a fair amount of time. Though I enjoy competitive gaming, I’ve learned that I’m not as crazy about it as I am getting lost in a single player adventure.

That’s about it! I invite you to join me on this quest into the interwebs, with high hopes that our passion for the art of Vidja increases as we embark on untraveled lands and epically slaughter the noobs we encounter slash get in our way.

And please please please feel free to leave any feedback, whether it be related to my writing, the website, or just general inquires! This is a new experience and medium for me and I am very excited to learn and grow! Cheers!