Behold, the King of video games. Yes, I am talking about Age of Kings, the one true game. Released on September 30, 1992, AOE2 is the empire and war simulator that set the standard for perfection. In my humble opinion, the greatest game ever made (and series quite possibly). Even today it’s played by thousands of people, myself included, in a digitally remastered version on Steam (or Voobly if you’re that hardcore about it). Considering that the game came out almost 20 years ago, the fact the people continue to play it with religious-like fervor is quite fascinating. And on August 21, 2017 , Age of Empires 4 was officially announced with teaser trailer released. So little is known about this entry, and one can only speculate what era it will cover or how the gameplay will handle. Will it continue on the chronology and pick up where AOE 3 left off, taking us headfirst into the industrial age? Or perhaps we’ll revist an earlier era, perfected with state of the art new-gen rts gameplay… Both options bear their own weight of intrigue. I suppose we shall just have to wait, perhaps build a wonder and a trade line in the mean time.