Diving into an EA game is a lot like playing the Blackjack tables: most of the time you’ll end up losing a bunch of money and drinking way too much booze to melt your sorrows away… but every now and then, you’ll strike gold! That’s precisely how I feel about Battlefield 1. Boasting huge  titles such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Battlefront while also plagued by malicious micro-transaction scandals and odd game design decisions, one might ask who steers the helm of this EA Dreadnought and why do they keep making such controversial mistakes when they seem to have an overabundance of all the ingredients to make extraordinary interactive experiences? Luckily, every now and then they get something right.


The guns. The maps. And the moments.

I feel like these are the three pillars of any successful First Person shooter. In Battlefield 1, or what I sometimes call Battlefield Steampunk, the guns are straight up epic. They feel good, and apparently this was one of the main focuses of development. The developers wanted to see how these Great War era weapons actually felt like and attempted to translate that to the player. Well I’ve never fired a real life Fedorov Avtomat, but man does the virtual kick feel great. Additionally, the roster of weapons and gadgets at the player’s disposal allows for limitless customization options, and with the addition of DLC items there’s plenty of additional weapons and gear to unlock. Because of this weapons-are-LEGOS-like approach, it sort of takes the suspension of belief out of the whole WW1 setting with most of the armed forces running around with incredibly accurate sub machine guns, but honestly, Battlefield 1 makes the case that it doesn’t really matter because it’s just so much fun. 

The maps are glorious (with the exception of a couple to be fair), and if you can get yourself to spend a couple extra dollars, the DLC maps are totally worth it. If you’ve got a group of friends to team up with, it makes the experience even better, unless you’re on the losing side of a vastly superior team who’s out flanking your every move. And that’s perhaps my favorite part about Battlefield games, particularly this one. You can only go so far as spraying and praying your way to victory. In Battlefield Steampunk-err 1, superior tactics conquer all.

Aaaand the moments. What makes this game truly remarkable is the situations you the soldier find yourself in and the ever changing and unexpected outcomes. The developers at EA must be the cream of the crop because they’ve made some truly remarkable situations possible, and it’s moments like sniping an attack plane or using a last ditch effort grenade to destroy a rampaging tank in an explosive fireworks display that  turns the tide of the battle that bring me back to playing this game. There’s just been so many times where I’ve had to take a step back and be like, wow, that was epic, that make Battlefield 1 one of my favorite current titles out there. But words can only do so much justice, you truly have to see for yourself…. or experience these moments on your own.

Are you crazy about Battlefield? Do you have any epic moments that made you adore this game? Share them below!