Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming RPG set in the futuristic metropolis of Night City. The game is being developed by CD Projekt RED, the Polish company that masterminded the incredibly epic Witcher series (most notably the critically acclaimed Wild Hunt, which sold over ten million copies and received a plethora of awards including a Golden Joystick for Best Storytelling and Visual Design). But enough on the fantastical past, let’s pivot toward the future, a Cyberpunk future at that.

So what’s all the hype around this Cyberpunk 2077? It’s the first title from CD Projekt RED not set in the Witcher Universe. It’s also been described as “far bigger” than The Witcher III, which should resonate well with anyone familiar with open world RPGs. It is the first title incorporating the REDengine 4, having been upgraded from the previous version used to create Wild Hunt. Like its predecessor, Cyberpunk 2077 will have rich story driven game play, a true RPG experience, and some multiplayer components, which should be an interesting compliment to a promising game.

What I’m most excited about is the Cyberpunk genre, a daring setting where only the boldest story tellers dare tread. I’m hoping for airships, towering sky scrapers, and some cool neo-tech-noire vibes. And the cherry on top of all this is that Mike Pondsmith, the man behind Cyberpunk 2020 aka the original tabletop game that more or less created the genre, is working as a consultant on the development. So a Final Fantasy esque game created by the makers of The Witcher III? Sold!

 Are you as stoked for Cyberpunk 2077 as I am? Then let’s talk about it! Feel free to comment beeeloooow!