Rockstar Games finally released its first official gameplay trailer for its upcoming Western hit Red Dead Redemption 2, and I’ll be damned, it looks epic. From the six minute trailer, quite a number of exciting features can be gathered. First off, it looks incredible. Rockstar has created a massive world (loving this trend) with beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing sunsets complete with a variety of wildlife. From frontier towns and modernized cities to swamps, deserts, and mountain trails, the world is deeply interactive, with several ways to resolve any situation that might arise. There’s some awesome gun play, the return of the dead eye system, and an interesting hideout slash camp mechanic that I’m particularly keen on exploring.

The story seems deeply rich and satisfying. As Arthur Morgan fleeing the law and setting up gang hideouts (where missions, campfire stories, and other festivities unfold), you’ll have to choose which path to take. Will you be a man of honor or a savage outlaw? At the moment, I can’t seem to decide which I’d rather choose… guess I’ll have to play it a twice hashtag replay value ftw!┬áBecause there’s several ways to handle conflict, actions and their consequences will affect Arthur as he traverses the world. Strangers will engage you based on your decisions which might even fall back on your camp.

Oh and of course… customization horses! I wonder if there’s husbandry pay and sprays in this one too….

Rockstar promises a series of gameplay trailers, reminiscent to the months leading up to the original Red Dead Redemption. The next one will include missions activities, enemy gangs, and robberies, and the evolution of sharp shooting using the returning dead eye system.

The release date remains October 26, 2018, so mark your calendars outlaws.