Red Dead Redemption is a critical masterpiece in the world of Vidja. What Rockstar managed to accomplish with a Western Epic is unparalleled. Just take a gander at the reviews. Boasting Fifteen Million units sold, a powerfully unforgettable story line, flavored with revolutionary game play, the original Red Dead Redemption leaves a lasting legacy that is almost as wild as the old West itself….

And on October 2016, Rockstar Games announced the widely anticipated sequel, following a release of a teaser trailer showcasing the setting and environment. A year later, an additional trailer revealing the characters was released September 28, 2017. Not much else is known about the title, other than the fact that it serves as a prequel to former, following the outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of Dutch van der Linde’s gang. Should we expect to see John Marston once more? 






On May 2, 2018, Rockstar released a third trailer, this one focusing even further on the storyline, including a debut cameo for every RDR fan’s favorite, John Marston! The game will take place at the turn of the century, as the era of gunslingers and outlaws fades into extinction. The trailer showcases some breathtaking scenery, a lovely arsenal of Wild West weaponry and gameplay, and a teasing score that might just be on par with the previous game (my fingers are cross that it blows the former out of the water), but please take a gander yourself:







The latest trailer arrives with a release date, slated October 26, 2018, though knowing Rockstar, we can probably expect a couple delays. Unlike other developers, Rockstar tends to polish their titles before release.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature both single player and multiplayer content, and if it is anything like GTA V as far as heists are concerned, this could be the game we’ve always dreamed of. I am beyond stoked for Red Dead Redemption II. Do you share my sentiment?