I’ve always dreamed of navigating the stars in my own space ship, exploring uncharted worlds, investigating distress signals, observing cosmic phenomenon… When I got older, I begun to realize none of these things would be possible within my lifetime.

That was until Star Citizen blew my mind. 

Enter Robert Space Industries.

Star Citizen is the game of games, a space simulator that aims to combine several genres of vidja including space, flight combat, trading, and FPS, all set in a massively multiplayer online setting. It is set in the 30th Century Milky Way where the Empire of Earth plays a prominent role in the exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy. There’s alien races, bad-ass space ships, a thriving economy, and a single player campaign with some major Hollywood players including Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamil, attached. You can be a soldier, a trader, or even a Space Pirate!

Chris Roberts is the renown auteur of this ambitious entry in the halls of vidja. His company, Cloud Imperium Games, is developing Star Citizen. Financing for the development came from a record breaking crowdfunding campaign that’s raised over $65,000,000 as of 2018. It’s a pretty sweet concept, you purchase a copy of the game including a ship of your choice, and it gives you early access to the game, which is currently in its alpha stages. Though certainly an ambitious game, Star Citizen has had its fair share of controversy due to the length of development, even accumulating a number of vaporware awards.

First announced in 2011, the original release was planned for 2014, then pushed back to 2016. As of March 2018, there remains no definitive release date, though the alpha edition is available provided you’ve backed the development..

I know what you’re thinking. Another space sim? Come on Sebastian, No Man’s Sky and that other BS game already failed at bringing space exploration to life. In my opinion, those titles were destined to fail. Everything from the game design to what they focused on to development were aimed at delivering a game that no one wanted to play, simply building off the hype of games like what Star Citizen aims to be. How Star Citizen differs from these other entries. The team at CIG is creating an active, breathing, fully interactive universe, rich with intensive lore and some fantastic ship designs, and an all star Hollywood cast to boot. Yeah, it’s been in development for practically a century, but no one wants an incomplete game upon release, one of the biggest taboos of the industry. Great things take time, and Star Citizen has the right ingredients to be the epic space sim we’ve always dreamed of.

Immersiveness, an all star Hollywood Cast, and an entire galaxy to explore with your friends are the three chief reasaons why I simply cannot wait for this game (which is why I have purchased the Alpha). If you find yourself in the same (space)boat, join me in the stars!